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Common Garage Door Repairs and What They Cost

Feb 7

Garage doors might need to be replaced at some time. Garage doors may eventually need to be repaired.


How much should it cost to replace the garage door?


The scope of the job determines the price of a garage door repair service, the parts involved in the repair, the dimension and design of your garage door, and the amount of service charge that is charged by your garage door repair Carlsbad CA.


Do-it-yourself projects are popular among homeowners. It might appear to be cost-effective initially as service costs are minimized. However, it's risky, and you could cause further harm or even injure yourself. You'll have to pay if you don't have the equipment or parts.


If you're asking "how much garage door repair costs in the United States," Home Advisor estimates that the median price is $223. Does that mean it's an indication of how much you will spend? It's not the case at all.


Average Garage Door Repair Prices


Below are the average costs for most repairs. However, your final price will be based on many different factors.


Repairing springs for garage doors normally will cost between $50 and $100. Expect to pay between $200 and $300 to fix two springs, including equipment and labor.


  • Broken or frayed cable If a cable is damaged or frayed, the cable must be replaced. This can cost between $150 and $200. Although garage door cables can be repaired easily it's costly and takes a lot of time.


  • The sensor is misaligned or blocked: If your door isn't closing, it could be because the sensor is damaged or misaligned. The problem can be addressed for $50 to $75 unless the sensors can be aligned by you. Angie's List estimates that the replacement cost for a damaged or bent track can be anywhere between $125 and $150. Contractors can use the equipment to reshape or replace trackbacks.


  • If your garage door of yours is grinding or squeaking, you may only have to apply oil or clear debris from the tracks. If your garage door does not operate, a professional can make repairs.


  • Broken glass: The expense of repairing a glass panel is estimated to be $75, while the glass itself could be as low as $25.


  • Circuit board malfunction It's about $100 to replace the circuit board, including programming the remotes which allow you to open and close your garage door.


  • Rollers and hinges The cost for each damaged or broken roller is priced between $10 and $15 for repair hinges. While rollers cost around $10 each.


Garage door design/material and repair expenses

Certain garage doors are better than others when it comes to repair service costs. Sectional doors will cost you around $128 for repair. Repairs to a carriage-style door cost $133. The classic one-panel doors cost $172.


Repairs cost a lot according to the material that is used. Wood repairs are among the most expensive of all repairs, and the average cost is between $190 and $215. Add on printing costs and you will see that the cost of repairs can be varying depending on the wood type. Aluminum doors resist rust and are consequently, are able to withstand humid coastal conditions, costing between about $176 to $200 for repair.


Fiberglass is a tough and non-splitting material that can endure extreme temperatures. It is estimated to cost between $148 and $165 to repair. Although steel doors are durable, they can rust easily. They can cost anything between $135 and $155.


What is the cost of an upgrade to your garage door?

It is possible that you are wondering how much it will cost to replace the garage door if it completely breaks, or if you feel it's more beneficial to upgrade instead of resolving the current issue. This is tough to answer since garage door prices and the cost of installing a garage door differ based on the garage door you choose.


  • Cheapest garage door: The uninsulated steel and aluminum garage doors are typically the cheapest. The prefabricated sizes are also readily available however they are not custom-made. This is the ideal option for those who are on an extremely tight budget or want to change their garage doors as quickly as possible.

  • Mid-range garage doors: Carlsbad garage doors made of wood, glass, or steel are more costly and come with a few added features. These doors can be personalized and come with windows. They are also more durable than standard garage doors.

  • Garage doors made of top-quality materials The garage doors of Carlsbad are entirely made from glass or wood. They make modern-day designs that can be fully adjusted by the customer.


When purchasing a new garage door be sure to engage with a trustworthy garage door repair company in Carlsbad that can provide top-quality service, and ensure that all modifications are carried out punctually and in time. Check the garage door company's website for promotions and coupons that are available for garage door installation or garage door maintenance.

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