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How to Prepare Your Commercial Roof for Winter

Apr 23


Preparation is the key to successful maintenance of structures in life. A roof is an integral component of any building. For the best cost and quality of service, it is important to contact a group commercial roofing contractor. Commercial roofing contractors are experts in a variety of areas, such as making sure your roof is prepared for the winter.

The protection of your commercial roofing system is crucial. It begins with a thorough inspection and cleaning which identifies any current and potential problems. The best time to start your maintenance plan up and running is during the spring and fall to position your facility to take on the threat of severe weather.


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Clean Your Commercial Roof

Removal of obstructions that could cover up problems is the primary step to ensure that your roof is in top condition for coming winter. When you have scheduled your maintenance inspection make sure that the roof is cleaned by the commercial roofing contractor you have hired. A thorough cleaning can eliminate any potential issues, like mold, moss and drainage that is blocked. Animal infestation is another problem that is often ignored. When the weather is cold rodents look for shelterand can lead to all sorts of problems when they attempt to get into the roof. Feces of animals are bound to cause problems if they are allowed to decompose, and the harsh acidic components of feces will burn through any roofing system.


When you are winterizing your roof, it is essential to keep creatures from building nests and living on your roofs. Some tips for controlling animals include removal of materials that could be used for nests and closing any gaps that allow rodents in your facility, keeping food sources out of your property and ensuring that trees are kept trim and limiting the ponding. Broken branches are a common problem. They can cause roof damage and punctures. You can contact roofer gilbert az in this regard.

Schedule Roof Inspections

Fall roof inspections are vital to ensure the regular maintenance and proper care of your roofing system. It is the place where any issues that you aren't aware of will be identified. It is crucial to address the problems immediately and make repairs if they have negative effects on the roof. Repairing your roof in the middle of winter is costly, but small repairs and inspection are not.


Small holes in your roofing membrane can turn into gaps that allow water through throughout the winter freeze-thaw cycle. This can cause water leaks to your home. If the issue is clogged drains, water can get back into the pipes and freeze the drains, which causes pipes to explode. Check the following areas during your inspection of your roof: Check that your downspouts and gutters are free of obstructions. Clean out any debris or clutter around drainage pipes. Flashing and seals should be closed to protect them from the elements.

Be sure to have a winter roofing repair

You should schedule repairs before the snow melts if you are looking to avoid roof disasters. There are many reasons why you should do it. Here's a few. Winter repairs can be stressful for both the owners and those who use the building. Safety issues can result from snow. Roof materials need to be warmed up prior to installing. Snow also protects roofing structures from dangers. Changes in weather can cause roofing problems . Holes that leaks cause them to expand, ponding issues become headaches and drainage becomes restricted due to ice formations on the roof. Las Vegas roofing firms offer professional services.


Make a Snow Removal Plan

The snow, as well as water, is a roof's biggest enemy. Snow can cause structural problems and removal of snow too quickly could cause more damage. Here are some tips to manage snow on your roof: installing wind baffles to guard drainage systems, as well as the installation of snow guards stops drifting snow from building up on the flat roof. You can also hire Advosy Roofing.

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