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Go Highlevel Tip: Why Your SMS Messages Are Not Being Delivered

Sep 9
I've got a helpful tip and trick that relates to the Twilio SMS opt-out and opt-in sequence. So what we've done so far is used the word stop to opt out, right? 
We've always used the word out to allow people to opt-out. This is because we've realized that the word stop is a trigger word and there are several other trigger words just like this with Twilio that allow you to opt-out directly and you can't change those so, so it also counts against your spam rate.
In our marketing campaigns, we have used the word out to successfully work around or away from the spam marks and our deliverability will increase. I believe you're allowed 1% of stop messages, after that they'll mark you as spam and your deliverability will decrease. 
And it's allowed us to not count against the complaint rate as well as a lot of better control over setting DND   and so on and so forth. What we do is that whenever a customer replies through an SMS message, this is already part of one of our workflows and all of our snapshots.
 If you don't know about our snapshots, just go to and click on the snapshot store link. 
Check out our snapshots, watch the demo videos to learn all about what they are. 
So in our small business snapshot and along with all of the other snapshots, we have all these z workflows and 15-2 is responsible of this out workflow and it adds a tag. 
It also informs them that you've unsubscribed and enables DND   On sms. 
Now what we've done. So that's traditional, it allows us control over what to do, and of course it also removes them from all workflows as well allows us control over what to do and when this happens, if you were to use the word stop, it would do all of those without even needing to have the workflow in there. 
But now if that customer goes back to your website or re engages with you somehow and maybe books an appointment or filled some sort of form on a lead magnet and your workflow is to send them an sms. 
Well guess what? They are not going to receive those text messages from you anymore because they've previously opted out using the word stop. 
And with us, if we're using the word out, we have control over it within high level. 
So in this new workflow we've solved that problem by automatically opting them back in. 
So if they used the word out to opt out and we had set them on D and D. 
they're going to whether it's a form, a survey, a facebook lead form you know calendar, you know membership access whatever it may be or a web chat widget their messaging you in. 
As well as just simply texting you back in. we've disabled. 
We're going to go ahead and put them in this workflow and I'm gonna check to see hey where they previously DND on smS. 
And if they were we're going to go ahead and walk them through this workflow we're gonna remove the DND related tags and we're gonna disable D. N. D. 
On smS. So they can start to receive those messages from us. 
And if they weren't they may have ventured in this workflow it's going to check against this condition and it's just gonna walk them out. 
It's not gonna do anything in that workflow if they D. And D. Was not enabled. 
So now this allows us to actually send messages back to them again versus your your your potential customer who is now trying to sign up wondering what the heck you know something's broken on their sides and it's not even working. 
Why am I even gonna sign up or I didn't even get any confirmation messages or or you know it could be it could be your customers customer that is attempting to sign up for their business for you know book an appointment or something to talk to them or get an estimate whatever the case may be and there if the mess those messages are failing to get through to them, that's a problem, you can see it why that may be the case because you're like, well, you opted out, that's why you're not receiving my messages, but that creates a technical issue there. 
Yes. They opted out at that time and now whatever has helped engage them back in, you won their business back, they want to talk to you, communicate with you and you are unable to send them messages because they opted out. 
So you need to be able to remove D and D and be able to send messages to them again. 
Now, if you if we did that through Twilio, you would, you would, I'm assuming there may be some sort of a, you know, a back end to Twilio where you can manually go and remove the person if that exists, that I don't even know if it does or not, but that would be extremely complicated here. 
It's all automated where as soon as they submitted that form, book that appointment or, you know, completed the web chat widget and whatever the case may be, they're going to be opted back in automatically because now they are requesting to be contacted by you again and they're going to be able to receive those confirmation messages or transactional messages at that time as well and notice we're not adding them back into any sort of marketing messages with this workflow here. 
This is purely to trigger the transactional messages back to them And if it's your forms maybe that you want to start a marketing nurture campaign to them again. 
Maybe it's a lead opt in form or something like just be sure to have a little check box there that yes sent me messages through text messages or I opt in or something like that and the first message in your workflow be that reply yes to continue to receive messages from us or something like that in that particular workflow where it's marketing related but in transactional messages That's not necessary because you're simply sending them confirmations and reminders related to transactional messages there. 
So anyways that's the workflow that we put in. 
It is going to be updated in all of our snapshots as soon as we release the update here in the next few and if there's any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us again if you don't know what the snapshots that externally builds us, go to get externally dot com, hit the menu button and go to our snapshot store and check them out there. 
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