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Common Garage Door Issues & How To Fix Them Quickly

Feb 1

Let's face it; we rely on our garage doors a lot. They are used all day, often multiple times throughout the day. It's a big issue when they become agitated. Thankfully, there are some quick and easy fixes for the most common garage doors San Diegoproblems. Read on to find out more.


1. The Door's Off Its Tracks

You should first inspect the tracks of the garage door for obstructions and debris. After cleaning the track, use the mallet made of rubber to gently tap it into its place. If this doesn't work it could be necessary to replace the entire track.


2. The Door Will Not Close All the Way

There are two possible reasons that your garage door may not shut completely. It could be that the close limit switch needs to be adjusted, or the optical eye sensor of the opener is not aligned properly. To alter the closing limit switch, simply adjust the knob until the door closes completely. Cleanse the lens to place the sensor in the proper position and position it in line with the garage door opener carriage.


3. The Door will open on its own

If the garage door opens on its own there could be two reasons: either there is something blocking the photo eye sensor or the security settings of your garage door opener need to be adjusted. To check for obstruction remove any debris or other objects that might be blocking the sensor lens. If this does not work, you or your trusted Garage Doors San Diego professional will be required to alter the security settings for the opener. Follow these steps:


  • Press the "learn button on the opener for minimum 30 seconds, or until the indicator light flashes.

  • Keep the remote in your palm and push the buttons until the indicator light turns on.

  • Once you have removed both buttons Press and hold one button. This will control whether your door will open or close.

  • The indicator light should be stable and not flashing. If not continue these steps until it is.


4. The door is not far enough

The garage door could be too wide If one of your cables are damaged or loose. This is a fairly easy fix--simply tighten any loose cables, or replace any broken ones with new ones that are of the same size and strength. Be sure to make sure your springs are properly balanced. Overly tight springs can lead to problems later on.

5. The door is noisy

Two things you can do if you find that your garage door makes more noise than usual. First, be sure all nuts and bolts are in good condition. Also, you should lubricate every moving part with WD-40 or another similar product. This is usually able to resolve the issue quickly.

6. The Door isn't Open

One reason why your garage door may be slowing down could be due to obstructions to one of the rollers. If your springs have been in use for more than seven years, this could indicate that they're beginning to wear out and will need to be replaced. In any event, if you suspect that this might be the reason, call a garage doors San Diego professional right now. Garage doors are heavy and could be hazardous if they're not working correctly!


There's a solution to every problem with garage doors. This article ought to have given you some useful tips to aid you next time your garage door is operating in a tense manner. But if not, remember that if you are in doubt, contact an professional garage doors San Diego company! They can help you solve any problem you might face.

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